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S&S Biomat is particularly proud of its customer service and relationship with its clients. We are always prepared to solve the most complex cases of dentists and practitioners. We are willing at all times to listen to client suggestions and feedback.

S&S Biomat is focused on research and development and dedicated to continuously improving the designs of its dental implant systems, while working closely with leading professionals, dentists and technicians.



S&S Biomat offers an extensive range of one piece dental implants, we are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer one piece screw as well as one piece cylindrical implants. Ours is the only system that includes implants with a range of different gingival heights and abutments.

One Piece Dental Implants

One piece implants of Nik Dental System offer the advantages of simplicity, strength, efficiency and affordability. Using one piece implants in combination with our drills means you will be able to perform flapless surgery and significantly reduce the overall recovery time of your procedures.

Future In Dental Implant

Our R&D Department constantly developing new designs of dental implants which are suitable for soft or hard bone. We believe dental implants are planned and designed to replace teeth and there are new patents that make them even better and more effective.

Nik Surgical Kit

The Nik Implant system is designed to be used by general dental practitioners. With over 20 years of experience, S&S Biomat have developed and innovated our surgical kit and streamlined our procedural steps to provide you with the invaluable advantages of time, simplicity and confidence, giving both you and your patients and overall more superior experience.

I have been wanting to do implants for a long time. One of the draw backs is the that implant courses are very expensive. I went to the Dental Exhibition in Birmingham where the Dr Nik Implant was introduced to me. I hate difficult things for the sake of it. My philosophy is that if it can be done easily- why not? The one piece implant appealed to me immensely.Who wants a difficult life? Neither me nor my patient. Since This implant system is so practitioner and essentially also patient friendly I enlisted to train with them. I was amazed to find it is going to be one to one training. There is nothing that beats the concentration given to you as a trainee here. Dr Nik is friendly and thorough.The day was intense but productive. It was both theory plus practical. When he left, I knew I was given the confidence that I can place implants. If you are looking for value for money, good outcomes, less stress and good support from the mentor this implant system comes highly recommended.

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BDA conference and exhibition 2017


We would like to thank you for visiting our stand at BDA conference and exhibition ...

BDA conference and exhibition 2017


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S&S Biomat is keen to present Dentists with the latest technologies in Dental Implantology. Our latest Basic Science and Clinical papers provides Dentists with resources to further their knowledge and presents Nik Dental Implant System success in both the scientific & academic field.

Course Program

S&S Biomat delivers a range of dental implant courses in your dental practice. The course location is suitable with the dentist busy timetable. The course has been designed specifically for GDP, however, there is also another course available for dentists/surgeons with experience in other systems. The courses are being delivered by our expert with PhD in dental implantology.

Course Feedback

Nik dental implant course reviews:
After having spoke to colleagues who had been on implant courses, I knew what I was looking for. At The Dental Show at London Excel this year, I spoke with almost all of the dental implant exhibitors and found that Dr Niks one day course which included mentoring, probably offered the best value for money for anyone considering venturing into implant training.

Published Papers

Various articles have been published in different high respected journals which you can find the links to the website in published papers page.

Nik Dental Implant

Principles of Nik Dental Implant System Design

  • Use of advanced macro designs that provide optimum primary stability and stress distribution.
  • The designing of a system with minimum cost, ease of use, and predictable success.
  • Surface design which optimises both soft tissue attachment and bone contact

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