Nik biodegradable osteoconductive bone substitute

The intended use of Nik biodegradable (resorbable) osteoconductive bone substitute granules:
It is a shell (Aragonite)-derived bone graft. Aragonite in its natural pure form composed of 97% calcium carbonate (Ca CO3) and the remaining includes Strontium and simple aminoacides.

It undergoes minimal processing to remove potential contaminants and preserves the original morphology and chemistry. The shells obtained from the gulf. Aragonite is a calcium mineral, formed by biological and physical processes including precipitation from marine environment. It is safe and biocompatible and it is use alone or mixed with autogenous bone as a bone expander.

Typical uses include: periodontal space making defects, extraction sites, space-making defect in the dental implant treatment. The device need to be moistened with sterile saline before application. It is partially radiopaque.